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Welcome to TOSTOT

Consistency, Quality, Experience

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We are digital transformation enablers with a highly skilled panel of professionals providing you secure, faster and unique software solutions enhancing your business growth.

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Our Team = Your Team

Experience, Rigor, and a User-Centric Approach.

Who we are

Founded in September 2021, Tostot Software Solutions Private Limited, is a start up company with a combined 40+ Years of experience, between the Founders, in the leading IT MNC, both in India and around the globe (USA, KSA, South Africa).

  • Our Mission

    To provide global and innovative IT Solutions, Consulting Services and Products to the customers around the globe, so that they can achieve their business goals and gain reliable competitive advantage from us to maintain a long term professional relationship.

  • Our Vision

    To become a global leader in IT Solutions, Consulting and Products, that can help change the way of customers and individuals thinking about their goals and growth. Our main aim is to help the customers no matter which industry they belong to, to become digital as we develop in a constant manner to achieve our vision.

  • Our Values

    Besides our IT capabilities, we derive pleasure in the core values like, respect for the life & dignity of individuals, environment, enabling empowerment, abiding fundamental ethical principles, respect for diversity and pluralism, respect for the nature and environment and contributing to the society.

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Our capabilities

Our clients engage us for a variety of services that we provide with our expertise and capabilities.


| Java | Spring | RESTful APIs | Websockets | Zookeeper | ActiveMQ | Bootstrap | HTML5 | Javascript | CSS | Android | Angular | Node | Ionic | React | Python |


| CI | Gradle | Jenkins | Jmeter | Manual Testing | Automation Testing | Performance Testing | Load Testing |

Cloud Computing

| AWS | GCP | Azure | Salesforce |

Resource Augumentation

We can provide technical resources to meet your need on agreement basis.

Customer Support

Reach out to us when you need to provide your customers the adequate support.


We can induldge in customization of your ideas, design and development activities based on our experience and capabilities.